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                                   Mentoring Programs
In the Englewood Community, single parent households are prevalent, which often limits a child’s access to guidance and leadership. COV offers mentoring aimed at the development of social, emotional, and practical skills necessary for each child to succeed. Programming is run after-school, four days a week for youth ages 6-14. The mentor program is tied closely with the tutoring program to provide fluidity between education and personal growth.
Goals of the Mentor Program
To educate and increase the academic accomplishments of each child
To build trusting relationships with peers and adults
To maximize the potential of each child through activities and structured social interactions
To retain and follow up with each child to ensure proper guidance and needs assessment
Girls of Destiny
Girls of Destiny is a mentor program designed to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate young women of who they are, why this is so, and what they are DESTINED to become. Under the direction of Lucindy Lumu, Director of Educational Programs, the girls are given the opportunity for one-on-one counseling, sharing and having their topics of interest discussed in an informal format. The girls are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the weekly activities. All information shared during this time is strictly confidential.

COV provides girls with the tools and skills they need to build healthy character, positive self-esteem, self-respect, virtue & a healthy lifestyle. These tools and skills help shape them in being able to deal in a positive way with adversity, peer pressure and authority. In accomplishing these goals, Community Outreach Volunteers continue to produce
Tutoring Program
The educational statistics for the Englewood, Auburn Gresham, and Woodlawn Communities of Chicago are quite abysmal. They represent some of the lowest scores in the city and are a testament to the lack of resources provided to these communities. Additional tutoring services are desperately needed in these areas and COV seeks to assist as many students as possible.

COV has over 50 participants in its tutoring program, ages 6-14. The program provides homework assistance, reading enrichment, math workshops, and positive reinforcement with rewards and recognition. The tutoring staff consists of University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Education interns, and Student Learner’s from DePaul University. In the 2011 school year, 75% of the 50 participants demonstrated and increase in their reading & math skills with all grades averaging a C or above.
Scholarship Opportunities
As part of the COV mission, educational enhancement needs to come with opportunities. As children become more successful within our program, the goal is to help them continue to achieve their education through scholarship opportunities.