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Mentor a Child
Currently, COV’s Tutoring & Mentoring Program consists of a partnership with Bass Elementary School and is based within the school’s facilities. COV’s long-term goal is to provide an independent Tutoring & Mentoring Program in a COV owned and operated facility; this will allow COV complete control in directing all activities. An additional benefit of acquiring an independent facility is the potential to enroll participants from multiple schools in the area; this opportunity can help COV grow into the premiere NFP organization in Englewood.

The following recommendation is a 3 year transitional plan for the Tutoring & Mentoring program. Beginning in year 1, it is vital that COV improve its methods of measuring the effects their Tutoring & Mentoring program has on program participants. This data will help COV in three ways:
1. Allow COV to analyze the effectiveness of their program activities
2. Demonstrateto current funders why program deserves continued funding
3. Provide COV with data necessary to enter partnerships with new partners/funders

During these three years, COV must shift its focus from asking teachers at Bass Elementary for updates on program participant’s performance in math and reading, and instead provide teachers with performance evaluations. COV should create evaluation tools that test participant’s math and reading skills based on Illinois State Education standards available at http://www.isbe.net/ils/math/standards.htm and http://www.isbe.state.il.us/ils/ela/standards.htm.

This proposed evaluation tool serves the following purposes:
These next three years should also serve as a time for COV to enrich its tutoring curriculum. One suggestion is to integrate aspects of COV’s commitment to
healthy nutrition into the tutoring program.
1. To benefit program participant (student)
COV provides a structured environment where students can get help with homework, however, ultimately students need to excel in the classroom. COV can
provide teachers with information to help them pinpoint a student’s needs.

2. To benefit COV
By utilizing an evaluation tool, COV can track program participants’ (students) improvement in math and
reading. This allows COV to tailor tutoring per individual needs and provide meaningful suggestions to
program partner Bass Elementary.

3. To benefit Partner
Teachers at Bass Elementary would benefit from COV’s evaluation of students’ progress in math and
reading, especially if the evaluation considers Illinois Learning Standards. Providing this service will
increase value of partnership.