Community Outreach Volunteers (COV)

is a non-for-profit organization providing traditional youth programs and supportive services. These programs and services include after school tutoring, summer educational programs, mentoring, social and cultural enrichment activities for youth in the Englewood, Auburn Gresham, and Woodlawn Communities of Chicago. COV’s focus is to maximize the potential of youth holistically through physical activity, education, and a wealth of support services.

History of COV

Community Outreach Volunteers NFP (COV) began in 2006 by Mr. Tonny Lumu as a small initiative serving 10 young people from Curie High School, Richardson High School, and Kennedy King College. COV provided economically underserved families and at-risk-youth a variety of services, such as sports activities, tutoring, mentoring and counseling. The purpose of these programs was to decrease violence in the Southside communities, and to offer volunteer opportunities in Chicago’s Englewood community. Today Community Outreach volunteers NFP offers a numbers of programs ranging from after school programs, health, wellness, sports and workforce development.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help residents of economically disadvantaged communities usher in a new era of self- sufficiency by creating opportunities to develop their innate abilities and skills to overcome cultural, educational, financial and social barriers.

Meet Our Founder


Tonny Lumu

Executive Director

Tonny Lumu is the founder and Executive Director of Community Outreach Volunteers, NFP. His primary goal is to inspire the youth and families in the South Side of Chicago, to eventually help build well-rounded children with future leadership potential.

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